This is a stretched or “pasta filata” cheese produced by the method similar to that of mozzarella, yet quite different as the hand technique is specific to create a ‘pocket’ containing a luxurious filling made with the cream from the whey.  Burrata actually means “buttered” in Italian, and the smooth texture easily conjures up this description.

How To Enjoy:

This cheese is an experience unlike no other.  Eat on its own at room temperature or add as the centerpiece to a tossed plate of avocado, tomatoes and a splash of olive oil. Also excellent when sharing the stage with prosciutto or saucisse.  Serve with a Primitivo di Mandurio, a California Zinfandel, or with a white Moscato di Trani also from the Puglia region.


  • Milk Cow
  • Country Italy
  • Region Puglia
  • Type Fresh