Black Cow Cheddar

From the green pastures of West Dorset comes this newly released cheddar. It is made from the milk of cows that are grazing on grass and ‘living the life’. Small 200g rounds, or ‘truckles’, are covered in black wax and topped with a gold seal. Cutting open reveals a lovely white paste that yields on the tongue, with an occasional crystal crunch. Sweet and nutty, it holds on in a long and lingering finish. And for the trivia conversation around the cheese board, the whey from this production is used to make the famous Black Cow Vodka!

How To Enjoy:

Great on the cheese board; perfect for a melt; excellent as fritters in an asparagus salad. The options are endless in fulfilling your favourite cheddar role. Goes nicely with a fruity medium bodied red, your favourite beer brew,… and of course, ideally pairs with its kissing-cousin Black Cow Vodka!


  • Milk Cow
  • Country England
  • Region West Dorset
  • Type Hard